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From Breast Cancer to Health Coach

breast cancer
I'm Andrea!

I help women ditch dieting and find food freedom. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister.  I am a dog obsessed wine living ,Netflix bingeing  wellness enthusiast! 

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“It’s breast cancer.”

I will never forget hearing those words, what day it was, where I was standing and who was with me. My breast cancer diagnosis on September 26, 2013 was the day that has forever changed who I am as a person and what my ultimate mission is.

Growing up and as a young adult, I lived on processed food. For breakfast I would have a bowl of sugary cereal with a nice cold diet soda. Throughout the day I would mindlessly snack on anything that crunched and for dinner I preferred red meat and potatoes. I was not drastically overweight, but always wanted to lose about 15 pounds of unwanted fat. I was never the workout type. I preferred to sleep in and lounge all day.

breast cancer

My obsessive, type-A personality emerged after my breast cancer diagnosis.

I was determined to find out exactly how I got it. So, during the grueling months of chemotherapy and the aftermath of a complicated surgery, I decided to add even more stress to my weak body and fragile mindset.

I developed a very unhealthy relationship with Google, spending hours upon hours researching “causes of breast cancer” and “how to prevent a breast cancer recurrence.” I was so overwhelmed with information so I decided to just go all in and implement everything Dr. Google said: no meat, no dairy, no sugar, low carb, no alcohol, can’t gain weight, extreme, extreme, extreme…NO LIFE!!!

This eventually took a huge toll on my mind and body.

I was doing everything EXCEPT living life. I now call it food prison. I craved all the foods I had eliminated. All I wanted was to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a juicy steak. I was drunk with envy watching all my friends and family eat the foods that I had deemed unfit for someone with breast cancer.

I finally realized that I needed to heal my relationship with food and adopt a “mostly healthy” lifestyle that allowed me to be more flexible with my choices.

I slowly started re-introducing LIVING back into my life. It was the most liberating experience. After being stuck in “food prison” for far too long, I discovered that balance and mindset are the keys to a thriving wellbeing. I learned how to eat clean for my unique body, and today I live free of rules and restrictions. 

I took it even further and enrolled at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition and received my health coaching certification.

Today, I help women find food freedom and live a balanced lifestyle they ENJOY! 

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As a certified health and weight loss coach, I help women who are stuck in food prison lose weight without the strict limitations of extreme dieting.

Years ago, my diet was a mess. Mindlessly snacking on cereal and chips, I was up 15 pounds and never stopped to consider what I was really putting in my body.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, which completely rocked my world. I went from mindless munching to obsessive & restrictive dieting... a lifestyle I had no hope of maintaining.

After being stuck in “food prison” for far too long, I finally discovered that balance, moderation and mindset are the keys to healthy weight and a thriving wellbeing. 


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