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3 Healthy Eating Tips When You Are Super Busy

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Do you need some easy healthy eating tips for those crazy busy days?

Do you find it hard to eat healthy when you are super busy? We’ve all been there… schlepping the kids all over town, work calls, meetings…yada yada yada. You want to eat healthy, but you just don’t know how. Because of this, you often end up in the drive through line or snacking on your kids’ chips. Here are some healthy eating tips for when you are on the go:


Smoothies are a great option for breakfast or snacks. Firstly, add coconut water, almond milk, oat milk or hemp milk into the blender. Secondly, throw in your fruits AND some veggies (spinach, cucumber, romaine lettuce, just to name a few) and thirdly, it off with a scoop of protein powder.

Finally, add some hemp seeds or chia seeds for a superfood boost and some healthy fats (avocado).



Mason Jar Salads

These are one of my favorites! To start off, off make an easy and quick dressing, like stone-ground mustard, olive oil, and a Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Toss it all together and pour into the bottom of the mason jar.

Next, add your favorite veggies – tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, sliced beets, bell peppers, onions…whatever you like.

Then choose your protein. Some options are pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, cooked organic chicken breast, kidney beans, sprouts, a hard-boiled egg, or salmon or tuna.

Finally, top it off with chopped lettuce (romaine, red leaf, spinach).

PRO TIP: Make extra jars of salads for future meals.


Know where you can get healthy take-out.

This could be from a nearby restaurant or you could find a place like Snap Kitchen (one of my favorites!!) which has prepared healthy food to go. It is a perfect option for you if you are trying to lose weight and are super busy! They have organic and locally-sourced produce, organic chicken, and free-range grass-fed beef and bison. Their portions will keep you on track but you can also get a medium or large size meal if you want to have extra leftovers or if you are feeding your family.

No, it’s not quite as inexpensive as buying and preparing it yourself, but if you are a busy person (OR you just don’t enjoy cooking) and would just spend the money on junky fast food or pizza delivery, then it’s a much better value.

It’s always the small habits that add up!

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