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7 Meal Planning for Weight Loss Tips

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One of the best weight loss tips I can give is to get into the habit of meal planning; yes it’s that simple! I know it may sound tedious, but in reality this will save you endless time, money, and energy!

Let me paint you a picture.

You’ve finally reached the end of a long day, and all you want to do is have a relaxing night devoid of any unwanted stress. The only thing is, you don’t have a plan for dinner! The thought of coming up with something to cook, going to buy the ingredients, and then actually cooking the meal sounds horrendous. So, you do what most people do in these situations do: you reach for the takeout menu or a frozen dish in the freezer. 

Now, let me show you the alternative.

It’s Sunday night, and you are brainstorming what delicious, healthy dishes you want to make this week. You come up with a tentative menu, run to the store to buy ingredients for the week, and that’s that! Instead of going through the stress of scrambling to put together dinner each night, you are organized and efficient.

Here are 7 easy meal planning weight loss tips to get you started today!

  • Start small: plan 2-3 days first to get into the habit. 

    Just like many other situations in life, this adjustment might take some getting used to. Starting out small by planning just 2 or 3 days ahead helps you ease into meal planning and prevent any burnout.

  • Include slow cooker recipes for busy days.

    As we all know, these busy days are the ones where we just want to throw in the towel and order pizza. While this is perfectly acceptable in moderation, slow cooker recipes can be a lifesaver for days you want to eat a balanced dinner but simply don’t have the time to waste.

  • Make extras.

    One thing I love to do is make more than what I need to eat for a certain meal, then store it into a container to eat the next day for lunch or dinner! Who doesn’t love a little multitasking?

  • Prep things like grains, hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken on Sundays (or preferred day).

    Staples like these are multifaceted and versatile, so you can add them into different meals on different days to save even more time!

  • Always store frozen foods (proteins, veggies, fruit, etc.) for emergency situations.

    It’s inevitable; some days you may come up short and not have all the necessary ingredients for a meal. Storing frozen veggies and other staples in the freezer makes it easy to make up for when you can’t make another trip or a produce goes bad.

  • Don’t try and get too creative- stick to basics to make it easier on yourself.

    It is possible to make simple, healthy meals that also taste good! Most of the time, I go for meals that are easy to cook in under 30 minutes, or food I can leave unattended while it cooks (like brown rice). You don’t have to be Rachel Ray or Emeril Lagasse to prepare delicious healthy meals!

  • Try and get all shopping done at one time (saves time, money and extra trips to store).

    After a long day at work or out and about, the last thing I want to do is make a grocery run. By planning ahead and buying all of your groceries ahead of time, you can avoid these dreadful trips every week!

So, it’s that simple. Start implementing these tips now to create more desirable, relaxing, and stress-free meals that you can enjoy each night of the week!

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