I'm Andrea!

I help women lose weight without giving up their favorite foods.
I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister.  I am a dog obsessed wine living ,Netflix bingeing  wellness enthusiast! 

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Melissa (3)


“I have now been working with Andrea for 7 weeks, have lost 8 pounds and I keep losing every week.  She has completely changed my perspective of eating for not only myself but my entire family.  I have shifted from restricting my carbs and/or calories to focusing more on what I’m eating.

We eat clean, healthier food options. I’m eating fruit for the first time in years, which has completely stopped my sugar cravings.  I enjoy my glass of wine and chocolate when I want to and I’m still losing weight and feeling great!

Andrea’s coaching, guidance, and accountability has changed mine and my family’s life forever.  I couldn’t be more grateful!  Thank you Andrea!”


“I started Andrea’s program in February 2020 after having 3 kids in 5 years.  My body was different, I felt heavy, I had rolls in weird places, I was starting to feel some age, I wasn’t sleeping well, I wasn’t exercising at all, I was stressed, and between the family and my job I was overworking.

It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time (maybe ever)! My quality of life through all this has been great. In the past I’ve been miserable and frustrated during dieting because of my restrictive state of mind. An important part of Andrea’s program is the mind set.

I feel freedom and peace. I’m so happy with where I am now, yet I’m so excited about how I’ll continue to improve!  It’s a neat place to be.  Trust her process and you’ll see great things happen!”

Melissa (4) Melissa (5)


  • In my 60’s
  • Tried numerous diets
  • Diet for special occasions
  • Lost weight
  • Gained it back
  • Emotional eater
  • Start.stop.start.stop.


  • Still in my 60″s
  • Not on a “diet”
  • No special occasion
  • Down 14lbs
  • Have not gained it back
  • Aware of my triggers
  • Started taking time for me

“Andrea has in a short few weeks taught me how to look at my life in a way I never have before. The daily stresses in my life have not magically disappeared, in fact, they’ve become more challenging with taking care of an aging parent.

What I’ve learned through her program is how to recognize what triggers my emotional eating, how to stop and re-think the situation and what to say and do once I recognize it.

In addition to this, nothing is off limits! Imagine something you absolutely love and just “have to have” and know that you can … with slight modification and complete satisfaction.

Andrea is dedicated, knowledgable and has genuine interest and concern for her clients.

Andrea, thank you for what you do, you’re an inspiration and I will always be grateful and appreciative for the life lessons you’ve taught me and continue to do.”


“Andrea has been an invaluable resource for me. Her coaching has rejuvenated how I feel. Her knowledge is extensive and her passion shines through.

She is quite possibly the most resourceful person I know when it comes to diet modifications for health.”

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“After being diagnosed with breast cancer and slam dunked into menopause, I couldn’t seem to take the weight off and felt sluggish and tired all the time.

After working with Andrea, I have lost weight, feel truly healthier, have more energy, and am confident on staying on track.”

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