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Hey there! I’m Andrea!

As a certified health and weight loss coach, I help women who are stuck in food prison lose weight without the strict limitations of extreme dieting.

Years ago, my diet was a mess. Mindlessly snacking on cereal and chips, I was up 15 pounds and never stopped to consider what I was really putting in my body.

Then a cancer diagnosis in 2013 rocked my entire world. I went from mindless munching to obsessive dieting. My body reeled from the changes, and it was a lifestyle I had no hope of maintaining.

After being stuck in “food prison” for far too long, I finally discovered that balance and mindset are the keys to healthy weight and a thriving wellbeing. I learned how to eat clean for my unique body, and today I live free of rules and restrictions. Now it’s my mission to help other women lose weight without the extreme limitations of dieting.

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Stop Obsessing Over The Scale.
It’s Time To Ditch The Diet and find food freedom!

I know you’ve tried it all. The weight loss pills, the strict nutrition programs and intense gym routines. You’re pumped up the first few days, then bit by bit that enthusiasm starts to fade. You may see some results at first, but you always end up standing on the scale back at square one.

It’s time to embark on a weight loss journey designed to fit your lifestyle.

With 1:1 weight loss coaching, we get rid of the diet mindset and focus on building healthy, sustainable habits that fuel your body without any of the guilt or stress. Let’s get started on your customized weight loss program!